AKG Memorial Co-operative Hospital, Kannur

[A unit of Kannur Co-operative Hospital Society Ltd., No. C834, Talap,Kannur.]



Paediatrics is a relatively new Sub-specialty catering to the population from birth till 18 years of age. Although specialized medical care for childhood disease existed from time immemorial, now sub specialization like Neonatology, Adolescent Paediatrics, Paediatric Cardiology, Neurology, Gastroenterology and Oncology indicated diversification and rapid growth in this field.

AKG Memorial Co-operative Hospital can boast of a fully fledged Paediatric department existing since inception i.e,. 33 years ago. The department has two units with daily morning and evening OP, IP and a busy Neonatal Critical Care ICU. As ours is a tertiary referral hospital, the excellent Obstetric department handles several complicated cases routinely resulting in routine deliveries and cesarian deliveries. We boast of a well equipped Neonatal ICU with 3 Radiant Warmers and 4 Phutotherapy machines of high quality, backed by well experienced and dedicated staff.

The department is manned with 2 Peadiatricians-Dr. Krishnan M Nair, a senior Paediatrician with 30 years of experience in Paediatrics and Dr. Ambili Susan Jacob, an MD in Paediatrics with vast experience in the government hospitals. The department functions 24/7 and handles all kinds of complicated and serious paediatric medical cases.