Our neurology department caters to the needs of patients with stroke, Parkinsonism, tremor and various movement disorders, Alzheimers disease, epilepsy, meningoencephalitis, cervical and lumbar spondylosis etc. Patients with headache, double vision, speech and swallowing difficulty, weakness of face, arm and legs, backache, memory and behavioral disturbance, sleep disturbances all come under the purview of neurology. Multiple sclerosis and other demyelinating disorders, motor neuron disease, peripheral neuropathies and muscle diseases canbe evaluated here. Our hospital is well equipped to do Electroencephalography to evaluate seizure cases , Nerve conduction studies and Electromyography to evaluate peripheral nerve and muscle disorders as per international standards. ...CT MRI and neck vessel doppler imaging facilities are available round the clock. We have ICU facility to deal with neurological emergencies like status epilepticus (continuing seizures) and acute stroke care unit with facility for physiotherapy and speech therapy. Neurology I – Dr Jithesh Sivasankaran MD General medicine, DNB Neurology Neurology II- Dr Soumya.C.V. MD General Medicine, DM Neurology



MD (Med), DNB (Med), DNB (Neurology)