AKG Memorial co-operative hospital, the multispecialty institute in the field of health care is the proud provider of specialty based Physiotherapy services. We provide services in the field of Orthopedics, Neurosciences, Medicine, Paediatric, Gynaec, Vascular Surgery etc to the patients of all ages or age groups and ailments, during all stages of disorders and thus promoting and improving physical and emotional well being of the patients. Our Physiotherapists are well known for enriched experience, skills and dedicated services to the patients. ...Their valuable contribution in the health care team is recognized by people from all walks of life.Our main focus is on “movement to function” which means transferring a movement to function which helps the patients to improve confidence physically, mentally and emotionally. Hence we feel it is our duty to remain abreast of new development, current clinical updates to improve the quality of treatment.Here we are using most modern equipments and rehabilitation techniques to ensure the maximum results for all ailments.